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Nephwracks and 3e Necromancy

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Hours ago
Originally posted by Sanctaphrax View Post
Nephwracks are necromancers. That's not news. The 3e example Nephwrack's writeup even says, "It is a mighty necromancer".

But looking at its actual's a sorcerer. To me this looks like confirmation of the rumour that in 3e, necromancy will be a type of sorcery rather than a mirror-image of it. I'm guessing most spells will be only cosmetically different for the necromantically initiated, but that a few will have notably different effects or be available only to people initiated in a specific direction.

Does that sound plausible? Is there any writer commentary on this, one way or the other?
Necromancy hasn't been written yet, beyond some design documents. That's not really news; I think that's been on the What We Know for a while now.

I designed nephwracks using a sorcerous initiation both for convenience, and so that people who wanna make necromancers have something to crib from until necromancy is published.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5 Hours ago
Nephwracks use nephwrackomancy.

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