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3E Lunars facts and speculation

[#][F] John Mørke - 7 Hours ago
Originally posted by Janissary87 View Post

Well, thank god you're here to clear that up for me. Who knows how long, if ever, it would take me to reach such an enlightened conclusion. Not like I'm talking about powers specific to the splat in question.

Noooo, no-no-no, I want to make sure Lunars are capable of using trickery at the basic human level without charms. As if for some reason the splat as a whole would only be capable of honesty and forthright dealings unless specifically enumerated in a charm text.

I mean, a reader more capable of abstract thought may imagine I was posting about the Lunars/those characters ability to cause others to doubt their perceptions and basic understanding of the world. That illusion would cover hallucination, mirage, obsession and dream; the uncanny state that may be impossible to describe but hauntingly familiar. The ability for a Lunar to know what you desire when you do not. Mystery and instinct and the will-o-wisp just at the threshold between knowing and doubt.

Nooo, you saw through into all that subtext to what really needed to be said, that there's no reason a lunar can't be clever or manipulative just because he or she doesn't have charms for it.

Awesome. Great news. I suppose everything is just absolutely fine then. Thanks.

Waiter, I'd like some pepper with this salt.

[#][F] John Mørke - 7 Hours ago
Mythology is my jam, and I really enjoyed writing Glories, and I am floored that people love my origin for Luna there so much.

You will find bits of her bio in Glories referenced in EX3, and soon. But there are some parts that are deliberately, mysteriously going to change.

Jan 26. Monday Meeting

[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Hours ago
Originally posted by Aretii View Post

What on earth is a Niobraran?
The Niobraran were peoples of an ancient ocean empire that warred against the Exalted in the early years of First Age. You might find out more about them, in a future book!

(I have no idea whether it would be a hardback or a softback)

[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Hours ago
Originally posted by DrLoveMonkey View Post

Wait, will we not find out more about them in the core? Like not even a little?
They're ancient history. I don't know if they're mentioned in the core, but I'd be surprised if they were.

Exalted clickbait

[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Hours ago
Originally posted by Crimyote View Post
-You'll never believe these 15 genders found in Malfeas.
Male gender. Female gender. Double gender. The gender that turns the skies to blood. A gender encircled by thorns and locked away in a high tower, where gnomic dragons seek enlightenment. The gender that kills quickly. Contagious gender. Gender that falls like acid snowflakes from the violet-starred skies of Hell. The gender that walks beside you amid the dark and the cold. Anthropophagous gender. Multilocative gender. A gender of crystalline harmonies. The drowned gender. The many-angled gender. Vymnestra, the Living Gender, 15th Soul of the Mother of Creation.

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